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I've been working with Cisco for around two years and had been involved in design and implementation of LAN/WAN networks for a while.
Currently on a sojourn to middle east for big bucks, I feel this is the perfect time to study my brains out for a year.
Unable to keep a strict schedule I hope this blof helps me maintain a pace :)

Aim: CCIE lab attempt in August 2008, Written in Jan 2008

Preparation Level 0-10 scale: 0

Topics to cover in Semptember:
Realistically:Switching, Frame Relay, IP Routing (Static, RIP, EIGRP,OSPF)
This is the stuff I supposedly know, so shouldn't be a problem.
Ambitiously: Also cover BGP Fundamentals/Multicast Fundamentals

Good Areas: Switching, WAN, Ip routing IGP
Weak Areas: BGP, Route distribution, Security
Worst Areas: IPv6, Multicast, QOS, IP services

Study Material for the month: Cisco Press CCNP books, TCP/IP Vol1, Partners E learning connection BSCI

and BCMSN online trainings and online labs, Internetworkexpert Advance Technology Labs.

Lab hours: Complete online labs for CCNP on Cisco's website partner's E learning connection, Practice at work.

My Advantages: Access to Trainings
My Disadvantages: No home lab, all practice has to be done while on work. (Cant afford home lab and dynaipms is too messy)

Blog Inspiration: CCIE Pursuit , The CCIE Lounge

Where I stand compared to other Bloggers: Nowhere

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  1. GCFA July 9, 2012 at 8:50 AM
    I should say this is a good syllabus. Nice work you are doing.

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