Going to Narbik's Bootcamp

By Barooq
I'll be attending Narbik's bootcamp in April in Dubai.

Though I'd have much preferred to attend a bootcamp in July or August after finishing all IEWB labs and say a month before my Lab, but there is an uncertainty about later lab dates in Dubai .

My new Tentative Schedule about labbing is
Plus now my plan is to complete 12 IEWB labs before the bootcamp.
Come back spend a month (May) on Narbik's work book.
June will be for the remaining 8 IEWB labs.
July will be for repeition IEWB labs with difficulty 7 and higher.
Plus since I save the config just before redistribution, I may do other labs IGP onwards.
August will be dedciated to 2 mock labs (IEWB and CCIE accessor) and Narbik's work book revision.
I May attend Narbik's bootcamp around September again, just before going to the lab.

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