Update: There will be updates :D

By Barooq
Had been away from posting for a while.
Here is a summary of last 3 months.
Went to NArbik's bootcamp and was a great experience.
Lab scheduled at September 18th.
And pretty much done with core topics.
Now i'll be doing some side topics for a month, and posting some tutorials here...
Here are the Topics I am looking for to complete within this month

L2 tunnelling *
Bridging ( IRB, CRB, Fall back bridging)*
Cat QOS ( SRR and WRR Queuing, Aggregate Policer, 3560 Buffer allocations, Caveats)
Catalyst Flow Control *

Frame-relay DEs.

Protocol Timers.

Multicast :
Some little features

IP Services/ Security:
DRP Servers
Reflexive ACLs *

* About these topics, I'll try to write short tutorials as well.

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