A kick in the nads

By Barooq
Last night, while chalking out my plans so ambitiously, i must have somehow offended god of the fucks ups.
Its 1:20 am in night and I am still at work.
16 port Gbic module for core switch has mysteriously gone down. From reseating, resetting, resetting SUPs to upgrading IOS I've tried everything. And nothing is working.
TAC engineer (I used to be awfully impressed by any one with email id ending at @cisco.com, but all illusions wither :D), who is an idiot, has no clue what he is suggesting.
And my employer thinks that because I am a 'Cisco guy', not solving this problem means I don't know anything.
Gosh, what does a hardware failure have to do with switching anyway. Anyway, unless we hear something definitve from TAC, there is no going home, which means, tomorrow is ruined already :D
Will start studying from Wednesday :P

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  1. GCFA July 9, 2012 at 8:43 AM
    Why didn't you kick your employer? Some employer always sucks. You should not be worried for them.

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