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Today, rather yesterday was bad day. Got to sleep at 6.A.m and was up at 11 again for office.
The series of fuck-ups continued.
In short, wasn't able to do anything with CAT6513's failed module.
CWM installation failed, even a solaris guy who graciously tried to help me couldn't know why. I keep cursing myself for recommeding this bloody NMS to customer. If only I knew I had to install it :( and I wish for once things happen the way installation documentation says they'd.

Came back home at 6 and decided to wrestle with dynamips. I've been foolishly asking around for dynamips help, and today I decided to give it a go.

From a bad day arrives my moment of cheer:)
I've been finaly able to get dynamips running and made .net files for firsr 4 IEWB labs :)
Its a different story that my notebook almost explodes at 6th router instant.

Tomorrow again after work, have to go to a dinner.
Lolzz, thought about backing out only to realize, it was me who invited all :D

Hopefully on thursday and Friday ( Weekend here) will get to complete switching at least.

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  1. GCFA July 9, 2012 at 8:38 AM
    I wish if I were a good programmer like you. You are awesome and doing adorable job. Love your blog.

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