BGP AS Path filters are making me wish I were never born :(

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I've been putting off prefix based BGP filteting throughout my networking life.
I never worked in an ISP, my work mostly comprised of Enterprise campus and data networks design, implementation and support and a lots of compressed voice over ATM, for GSM providers.
So, I never cared for BGP as such. Read a little, and read enough for CCNP.
NOW, when I am trying to get through BGP in detail, I just cannot ...
Maybe its a bad week :S
Maybe its Ramadan and because of fasting, during the day I cannot concentrate.
Maybe because in the night, I smoke like a chimney to account for the whole day passed without a smoke and it messes with my head.
Whatever the reason is, BGP stares in my face like the big monster :(
Before I started the prep, my initial thought was that QOS and Multicast will give me a hard time.
Now it looks, I may never be able to complete BGP.
Its been such a bad day, and from the looks of it, next week won't be better even

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  1. Sonu October 8, 2007 at 8:44 PM
    Perhaps , I think you are complicating your own status, i feel there is some point of negativity in this post, feel good and hope things will change.

    things will be fine, it is easy said than done , I dont think even that would be easy for me to do, but this is just my opinion. i am in dubai let me know if we can chat. thanks

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