Seems eveyone has bad times, not just me :P

By Barooq
I had a torrid time with BGP regular expressions...
Maybe I was going in too much detail but the bottom line is that I had to stop. I took a week's break, which fit perfectly with Eid and Holidays and after that I am back to studies...
Did quite a bit of BGP, 3 more days and hopefully it'll be done.
During the period when I was down, reading other blogs, I realized that everyone stumbles on CCIE journey... At least CCIEPURSUIT and ETHAN BANKS suggest that.
These and other blogs have been not only a means of great info, but also motivation.
Can't thank them enough

Its such a good feeling: Of not being the only person who suffers on the way. I actually thought of myself as a complete buffon :P Not now, I am back on track. This months Targets: Complete BGP and Multicast.

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  1. GCFA July 9, 2012 at 8:28 AM
    Its good to hear from you. Its a nice blog. We want more posts.

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